Cast Edit

  • Shrek - Lion Cub (from: Super Scribblenauts (2011)) and then Lion (aka: Simba) (from: Scribblenauts (2008))
  • Donkey - Donkey Foal (from: Super Scribblenauts (2011)) and then Donkey (from: Scribblenauts (2008))
  • Lord Farquaad - Duke (from: Scribblenauts (2008))
  • Fiona - Lioness (from: Scribblenauts (2008))
  • Pinocchio - Puppet (from: Scribblenauts (2008))
  • Gingy - Gingerbread (from: Scribblenauts (2008))
  • Magic Mirror - Mirror (from: Scribblenauts (2008))
  • Dragon - Dragon (from: Scribblenauts (2008))
  • Monsieur Robin Hood - Hunter (aka: Musketeer) (from: Scribblenauts (2008))
  • Thelonious - Ghost (from: Scribblenauts (2008))

Guest Stars Edit

  • Maxwell (from: Scribblenauts (2008))

Chapters Edit

  1. Opening Credits ("All Star" (Simba (Shrek) Theme Song))
  2. The Flying Talking Donkey
  3. The Odd Couple
  4. Unwanted Visitors
  5. Duke Duke
  6. Mirror Mirror
  7. Welcome to DuLoc
  8. Lions are Like Onions
  9. The Journey ("On My Way")
  10. Crossing the Bridge
  11. Facing Off Dragon
  12. Rescuing Nala
  13. Escaping Dragon
  14. Simba Removes his Helmet
  15. Making Camp
  16. Under the Stars
  17. Monsieur Hunter
  18. Heading to DuLoc ("My Beloved Lion and Me")
  19. Weedrat Dinner
  20. Sunrise
  21. Duke's Wedding Preparation
  22. That's What Friends are For
  23. The Wedding
  24. Sunset
  25. Simba's Growth
  26. Duke's Death
  27. Donkey's Growth
  28. Happy Ending ("I'm a Believer")
  29. End Credits
  30. Simba's Swamp Karaoke Dance Party

Other Simba (Shrek) (Scribblenauts Style) Movies Edit

We know that these other Fievel (Shrek) (Scribblenauts Style) movies are unavailable. Some of them unavailable are:

  • Simba 2 (Shrek 2): Far Far Away (Scribblenauts Style)
  • Simba the Third (Shrek the Third) (Scribblenauts Style)
  • Simba Forever After (Shrek Forever After): the Final Chapter (Scribblenauts Style)

Simba's Swamp Karaoke Dance Party Edit

Songs Edit

  • Just the Way You Are (sung by Simba)
  • Like a Virgin (sung by Nala)
  • Bebe Got Back (sung by Donkey)
  • Feelings (sung by Ghost)
  • YMCA (sung by Hunter)
  • Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (sung by Gingerbread Man)
  • Stayin' Alive (sung by Duke)
  • Who Let the Dogs Out? (sung by Wolf and Pig)
  • Dance to the Music (sung by cast)
  • Happy Together (sung by Simba and Nala)
  • Dance to the Music (reprise) (sung by cast)

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